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Lawn fertilizer & Weed Control

Do you have visions of having a beautiful lawn surrounding your home, but your neighbor’s dandelions keep creeping into your yard, more and more each year? Do you have more crabgrass in your lawn than fescue? We can help!
We provide you with a five-step fertilizer and weed control program. Granular fertilizers are applied to the lawn and are purchased from a local Minnesota company. We also do one-time applications and spot spraying depending on the customer needs.

Early Spring Application

Crabgrass Preventor and Fertilizer to jump start your lawn for spring.

Late Spring Application

Late Spring Lawn Fertilizer and Broadleaf Weed Control Application to control Creeping Charlie, Clover and Dandelions.

Early Summer Application

Summer Blend Fertilizer with spot spraying for weeds.

Gypsum Application

Gypsum is typically completed in conjunction with the Early Summer Application, when conditions are optimal. Gypsum helps reduce soil compaction to ensure your lawn is receiving the air, nutrients, and water it needs to survive and thrive while boosting nutrient intake.

Late Summer Application

Lawn Fertilizer rich in Potassium to help the lawn recover from the summer heat and Broadleaf Weed Control Application.

Fall Application

Fall Fertilizer to prepare your lawn for winter and help develop the root system.
*Note: Starting price is for applications up to 4,000 square feet. Price is dependant on lot size.


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We provide you with a five-step
fertilizer and weed control program.